Human resources are an imperative component of any organization; recruiting the right person for the right job is the key driver to success. Realising the immense potential of Indian workforce and importance of HR in any organization, my team and I started an initiative known as 'SAAD Enterprises', thereby consolidating our rich experience and expertise from the industry.
At 'SAAD Enterprises', with the right required resources at our disposal, we believe in empowering our workforce to deliver results beyond the expectations of our clients, creating an end-product that is much more than just satisfactory. We believe in creating mutual opportunities by instigating the type of synergy that results in a win-win situation, benefitting both the industry and community, or, more precisely, the employer and the employee.
Commitment and consistency are the two inseparable attributes of our company and we strive to maintain it throughout our operation; the same is reflected in the services that we render to our clients who become our lifetime associates.

SAAD Enterprises is an industrious human resource and management consulting company based in India and overseas, operating from its head office located in Mumbai. Established under the existing law of Indian labour constitutions of the recruitment industry, SAAD Enterprises is also registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India baring Reg. No. B 582 / Mum / Per / 1000+ / 5 / 7360 / 2005.

SAAD Enterprises is managed by professionals who have adequate knowledge, expertise and experience in recruitment of personnel to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the USA, and European countries. The company is well-equipped with competent staff that is well-trained and experienced in manpower selection. Presence of support facilities in Bangalore, Chennai, Andhra, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan and West Bengal ensures continuous support for the company to fulfill huge and dynamic requirements of the industry.